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Sound Designers


New List Date 1/01/2019 re: New Sound Kits / Expansions and FX Needed


Sound Designers are enthusiasts who have usually spent years recording and experimenting with everyday sounds before entering the industry. They often progress from being runners in picture or sound cutting rooms, or in audio post production facility houses, to becoming assistant re-recording mixers or assistant sound editors providing backup to experienced sound editors. They may also have a background in music or may have learned their editing skills working in television production. Many Sound Designers are also supervising sound editors, or re-recording mixers.




Good communication skills are needed, along with imagination and creative flair to produce original sound elements and effects. The ability to accept direction and work well with others is also important. Sound Designers must have a good understanding of acoustics, and an expert knowledge of sound recording and analog and digital editing techniques.


Sound Designer/Implementer ( Full Time )


Job Number:  VIP2019-789172-7 

Primary Location : Worldwide 











The anticipated duration of this engagement is Full Time. The duration of the assignment is fulltime.


  • The ideal candidate will be highly creative, self-motivated Sound Designer/Implementer, with a strong work ethic and a strong technical background

  • Must be passionate about “Raising the bar” in music audio or software develpment

  • This person will often collaborate with Sr. Sound Designers and development team members of the VIP SOUNDLAB but will be required to work alone

  • Will be expected to be team oriented, and to maintain a positive outlook while being an inspiration to others

  • The primary duties are balanced between a sound design role that includes Sound Design, Technical Sound Design, Dialog Recording, and Foley Recording and a sound implementation role that includes connecting the audio content into game environments for 1st party product development projects

  • This person may also be responsible for script editing, using version control software and working in software delevopment environments





  • Audio Engineering: Strong understanding of signal flow, audio production, editing and mastering is required. This includes direct working knowledge in these areas:-    

  • Recording: Preferred real-world experience in Field recording and/or a strong working knowledge of Field recording techniques. In-studio sound effects recording, including Foley and ADR. Expertise with microphones, audio processing equipment, and recording devices

  • Editing: The use of professional audio editing tools like (but not limited to) Pro Tools, Sound Forge, DSP Plug-ins (such as Waves, GRM Tools, Sound Toys, etc).

  • Mastering: The use of signal processing devices such as compressors, limiters, equalizers, etc, both hardware and software.

  • Technical Sound Design/Implementation – Use SCEA’s proprietary tools and commercial middle-ware to create interactive sound environments for DAW's , Hardware devices , videogames, including ambience streams, sound effect triggering, and dialogue playback.

  • Creative Sound Design: Imaginative use of audio production tools, props, recordings and recording techniques, etc. to create ‘bleeding edge’ high quality original content. Experience in multiple Sound Design disciplines such as weapons, creatures/monsters, magic spells, creative ambient design, etc. 

  • Scripting: Familiarity with basic scripting concepts, such as functions, parameters, and variables is required. Familiarity with languages such as HTML, XML, LUA, Python, or other similar languages is a strong plus

  • 3D Modeling: not required but a plus if you have a general familiarity with 3D authoring tools such as Maya or 3D Studio Max, including how to build and manipulate basic shapes is required

  • Organization: Organizing the audio assets required by each project in a logical way to best facilitate implementation and final execution. Asset file management and naming conventions and archiving knowledge is required. Previous experience with project management software and practices a plus

  • Communication: The ability to work collaboratively with the other members of our sound development team, this includes working with sound programmers to get cutting-edge realtime soundscapes , real world sounds and audio recordings.


      if you are a Sound Designer please send your resume to                            











Software Developers Audio Software Plugin Developer



Original List Date 6/22/2014



Primary Location : Worldwide Description

C / C ++ is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and widely used for developing software and applications.
If you can work under pressure, expert at working on C Programming projects,
If you are a Software Developer with C/C++ Expierence We are currently a Software VST provider of music production clients World wide. We provide cutting edge VST software for PC and are curently looking to expand to the MAC format Due to our continued growth, we have an immediate opening for a Senior Software Developer. In this mission critical role you will be designing, developing, and implementing solutions.


What You Will Be Doing


- Designing and developing new applications.

-Troubleshoot and enhance existing applications.


What You Need for this Position


Web Technologies - experience:

• PHP - 10 years  

• MySQL - 10 years  

• AJAX / jQuery / JavaScript - 8 years  

• HTML / CSS - 10 years Graphical Design / CMS - experience:

• Website Design / UX Design - 10 years  

• Adobe Photoshop (Banners / Infographics) - 10 years  

• Bootstrap / Zurb Foundation - responsive designs - 3 years  

• Wireframing / UI Prototyping - 4 years  

• WordPress - 8 years API Integration - experience:  

• Google Maps, Facebook / Twitter API, RESTful - 6 years  

• PayPal / Stripe / Perfect Money / Blockchain API - 5 years  

• Mailgun / AWeber - 2 years Server Management - experience:  

• Apache / Nginx / Lighttpd - 2 years  • Linux CentOS / Debian - 3 years  

• AWS - 1 year Other - experience:  

• Crawlers / Data Scraping / Data Minining - 6 years  

• ZeroMQ (with PHP) / WebSockets - 2 year  

• Chrome Extensions - 2 years  

• SASS / LESS - 2 years  

• Phonegap / Cordova - 1 year  

•  - 1 year  

• Git - 1 year


- 10+ years of experience with Linux- and Windows-based C++ software development

- Strong background in networking and communications protocols
- Proficient in C, C++, bash, autoconf and Visual Studio
- Experience with automated build and source code control systems

- At least one working program that demonstrate audio DSP coding proficiency

- An understanding of the VST plug-in framework.


The Audio Software Plugin Developer (C++ or Objective C) will play a key role in developing the latest 3D sound format and ground-breaking codec technology as new standards in the audio industry. This role will see you working in a growing, high-level recording and mixing complex, joining a team designing and implementing audio algorithms in various application areas (PC/MAC, plug-ins, standalone software). This role requires the successful Audio Software Plugin Developer to have proven skills in software (PC, MAC and Mobile / Android) development using C++ with some knowledge of graphical user interface development. Experience of developing standalone software for the PC and MAC and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android is a bonus. Any experience of working with audio plug-ins (VST, RTAS, AU) is also required.


What's In It for You


- Excellent compensation and benefits package.

- The opportunity to work for a growing, stable company.

- Work with a brilliant team of engineers.


if you are a Software Developer with C++ with Linux and Windows environment, please send your resume to



Vip Soundlab,Maschine Masters,Maschine Tutorials", "maschine 2.0,Maschine Warehouse,SoundsandGear
Vip Soundlab,Maschine Masters,Maschine Tutorials", "maschine 2.0,Maschine Warehouse,SoundsandGear

Latest Project That was currently Developed. The Hades Drum Machine

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Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 3.56.37 PM.png

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Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 3.56.37 PM.png

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Latest Sound Design Projects

Vip Soundlab,Maschine Masters,Maschine Tutorials", "maschine 2.0,Maschine Warehouse,SoundsandGear
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