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                     Pearl Harba


     Pearl Harba Interview by VIP SOUNDLAB & Zaahir " The Planet X Ambazzador "



Title: " State  of  The Gully Union " 


Zaahir :What was the first Hip Hop song you heard?


Pearl Harba :Run Dmc - "King of Rock"


Zaahir :How did the name Pearl Harba come to be?


Pearl Harba :I was originally called Stash Burna this was real 


early when I first started and would just spit verses in cyphers . 


I wasn't really happy with the name so one day I wrote a verse 


and said  " I'm Brooklyn's version of Pearl Harbor " I was really 


feeling the line so I stuck with it and never looked back.


Zaahir :What puts you in the zone when you create a song?


Pearl Harba :A lot of times I like to be secluded so I can get in 


my zone. First I'll listen to some great music , new , old , known , 


unknown from HipHop to whatever . Then I tell myself that's 


your competition that's what your up against all that great 


music that came before you . So I remind myself to never half 


ass it because it won't stand the test of time . Lastly I hear beat 


after beat to I find one that feels right like I belong on it.


Zaahir :The G Spot Gully Show is quickly blowing up,How did it 


come to be?


Pearl Harba :I believe it's a combination of things . First I would 


say that we're very dedicated to our show and very honest with 


our listeners . We're the same people on or off the air there's no 


gimmicks we pull no punches and always speak our mind . And I 


feel our audience appreciate's that and can relate . If we make 


mistakes we own up to it and never pretend to be perfect . I 


think people are tired of all the phonieness going on and like to 


" Keep it Gully ". So if we're comical , serious or informative no 


matter what we keep it real . Second I would have to thank Da 


Beatminerz Evil Dee and Mr. Walt for giving us a platform and 


believing in us . Threw Beatminerz Radio we've garnered a very 


strong and loyal following that we're very grateful for. 


Zaahir :Whats your favorite music instrument?


Pearl Harba : I would have to say the drums because I've seen 


my nephew Chehpo get busy on them it's very dope to see.


Zaahir :Do you have any up and coming projects?


Pearl Harba :Yes I have a mixtape I'm rapping up no Title yet , 


and I'm working on my first official release called Limitless . But 


I'm very secretive of my projects so stay tuned for more info on 


these next 2 works of mine I'm very excited about them.


Zaahir :How did you meet The Beatminerz?


Pearl Harba :It's a long story that go's back many years . It 


started when a friend of mine named Diverse introduce me to a 


D.J. Named Bazarro. When I first met Baz we hit it off and 


became friends we was both promoting something and had a 


good vibe . Fast forward a few years me and G.Pos started a 


show called Da G Spot . We didn't have a regular DJ for the first 


episode so for the second episode I invited 2 friends over who 


were DJ's / Producers as guest . The first one was my friend an 


early mentor Whitebeats the second was Baz . The show went 


great and we invited Baz to come back the following week and 


he became Da G Spots first DJ . Later on he invited Da 


Beatminerz over to do there own show and I met Evil and Walt 


we hit off as well and have been rocking ever since.


Zaahir :What inspires you? 

Pearl Harba :I would have to say pretty much the ups and 


downs of life . I try to put as much of myself in my music as 


possible . So whether it's a good a bad day I use it as inspiration 


to express myself threw music .


Zaahir :How can people stay up to date with what your doing?


Pearl Harba :You can find me on any platform by searching 


Pearlharba . For example on twitter it's @pearlharba on the 


gram search Pearlharba and so on . To see me live tune in to Da 


G Spot Gully show every tues. 6-8pm est. Time on


Zaahir :Have you ever made beats before?


Pearl Harba :No I haven't but I've met a lot of dope producers 


and respect there craft.


Zaahir :Where do you wanna see Hip Hop 10 years from now?


Pearl Harba :Well I would like to see all the artist who are truly 


creative and original win and get noticed . It's a shame that a lot 


of great artist never get heard because they don't have a large 


budget or know someone connected in the right places . Let's 


take it back to great records  getting broken by dope D.J.'s and 


leave the politics to the politicians.

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