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Mr. Walt Interview by Zaahir " The Planet X Ambazzador "



Mr.walt interview

Title: Digging Deep


Zaahir : What was the first hip hop song you heard?


Mr.Walt : That can go many ways, I was a James Brown kid and that to me is "Hip hop",

but it has to go to "Rapper's Delight"-The Sugar Hill Gang. I was in fourth grade 

when that came out.


Zaahir : Do you realize that you are a legend?


Mr.Walt : Naw, I'm just a regular guy, I'm just fortunate to do what I love and make a living off of it.


Zaahir : What was it like watching your brother turn into a legend as well?


Mr.Walt : It makes me a proud "big brother" just watching him do his thing.


Zaahir : What is your go to machine for making trackz?


Mr.Walt : When I first started it was the Akai 612 and Casio RZ-1 (We did "Enta The Stage" with that), then we graduated to an Akai 900 & EMU SP 1200. then I started using the MPC 3000 and I have been there since.


Zaahir : What was your first turntable? What was your first drum machine?


Mr.Walt : Before the Akai 612, it was a Casio SK1 & SK100 and my first turntable was a bullshit BSR that my mother bought me. We had a pair of Mickey Mouse joints that we used to spin on and bring outside at the block parties. After the BSR tragedy, I bought a pair of used Technics B-1's, then a used pair of 1200's. Times were hard.


Zaahir : Do you have any up and coming projects?


Mr.Walt : Have alot. Working on a new Beatminerz album. A project with Napoleon Da Legend takin' off in July. Got some songs on the new M.O.P. album. Did the title song on Apathy's new album "Connecticut Casual". A lot more in store.


Zaahir : Whats your favorite musical instrument?


Mr.Walt : I'm a keyboard guy


Zaahir : How can people stay up to date with your movement?

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Mr.Walt : or social media. We always promote everything we do.


Zaahir : What tip can you offer for making your drumz hit hard?


Mr.Walt : Learn your machine. There are tricks in there that the instructions won't tell you about.


Zaahir : Where do you wanna see Hip Hop 10 years from now?


Mr.Walt : Hip hop is always moving in a circle so everything will come back around.

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