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Missy Torres Interview by Zaahir " The Planet X Ambazzador "



Title: Voice of The People


Zaahir : What was the first Hip Hop song you heard?


Missy : "Rapper's Delight" - Sugar Hill Gang, but my favorite group growing up was Salt N Pepa.


Zaahir :What was it like first hearing yourself on the microphone?


Missy : I used to do drops when working for HOT 97 and I remember my first commercial I found out when it was going to be played and I was painting my mother's bathroom at the time and had the radio on all day waiting for that spot to come on. It was crazy and yet funny at the same time at the level of my excitement when I heard my voice on the radio.


Zaahir : Whats your favorite musical instrument?


Missy : It would have to be the piano and the guitar, can't play either one of them but I did learn the clarinet in Jr. High School.


Zaahir : How did you get into radio?


Missy : I was in college and I always knew I wanted to be on the air, I applied for an internship at WQHT HOT 97 radio and I got it.  I did so well that summer that they called me back right before my college graduation and offered me a job.  Right after graduation I took my cap and gown off and went to work.

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Zaahir : What to you is the perfect beat?


Missy : The perfect beat to me is something that stays in your head way after youve heard the song.  not because youve heard it a million times so it stays there but because the beat is so freaking good that you dont want to get that song out of your head and you hear it all day long.


Zaahir : What inspires you?


Missy : My goals inspire me.  when you find something you have a passion for your goals will always be obtained.  I want what growing up I never thought I could have, maybe it's because no one I knew had it or I was told I cant get it, therefore I make it a point to have it.ONE because it's what I always wanted and TWO because you told me I couldnt have it.


Zaahir : Whats your favorite food?


Missy : Crab legs hands down with tons of butter


Zaahir : How can people stay up to date with what your doing?


Missy : You can always log onto my fan page Missy Torres aka Mami Chula or look at my BMZ radio page.  


Zaahir : Where do you wanna see Hip Hop 10 years from now?


Missy : I want it to make sense and not idolize and worship false and material things.  Let it be about something and not the exploitation of what materialistic people think is important.  Dont talk about it, be about it.



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