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DJ Sound Wave Interview by Zaahir " The Planet X Ambazzador "


June 14 , 2014

Zaahir: What was the first Hip Hop song you heard?


Dj Soundwave: The first hip hop song I heard was "fat boys" by the Fat boys. I was sent to Haiti when I was 4 & returned to NY when I was 9 & that's when i was Introduced to the sounds of hip hop. Before that, it was Haitian Kompa music, Michael Jackson, disco & funk.


Zaahir: What distinguishes you from other deejays?


Dj Soundwave: What distinguishes me from other deejays is my technical skills, my taste & knowledge of different genres of music & being able to transition to different genres when I play live. Basically being to play any & everything & still make sense.


Zaahir:How long have you been a deejay?and who inspired you?


Dj Soundwave: I've been deejaying since 1989. My inspirations were many. Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay, Red Alert, Pete Rock & Marley Marl, Cash Money, Miz, Dj Premier, Dj Scratch & many more.


Zaahir: You produce also,What's your go to equipment for making tracks?


Dj Soundwave: My equipment for making tracks is the Mpc2500 & also the Mpc studio. 


Zaahir: Whats your favorite musical instrument?


Dj Soundwave: My favorite instruments are, the drums, keys & the bass guitar.


Zaahir: The Mood Swing show on Beatminerz Radio highlights your creativity,What puts you in the zone?


Dj Soundwave: What puts me in the zone is just being able to play whatever I feel for that particular moment. My sets are not even sets I would say, they're not premeditated, I may set aside songs that I wanna play but  other than that, it's just about me rocking joints that I love or introducing joints that people are not familiar with, wether old or new. that's why I called my segment "the mood swing". I may play this now & the next 2 songs, I'm somewhere totally different to where the audience thought I was going.   


Zaahir: How did you meet The Beatminerz?


Dj Soundwave: I met the Beatminerz through the rapper Mic Handz . My cousin & Mic Handz went to high school together & my cousin was managing me at the time & Mic Handz is cool with Rock of the group Heltah Skeltah & he was looking for a substitute DJ for his Monsta Monday show on Beatminerz Radio & Mic Handz hooked that up, one thing led to another & they asked me if I wanted have my own show on an open slot, 'cause they heard & liked how I spun on Monsta Monday. I said yes & it's been dope ever since.


Zaahir: Are you currently working on any projects?

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Dj Soundwave: Right now I'm working on just a couple of mixes to upload on line for the people to listen to, & working on tracks hopefully placing some, that's about it.


Zaahir: How can people stay up to date with what your doing?


Dj Soundwave: People can check me on Facebook under soundwave da badman, instagram-soundwave1200, twitter @djsoundwave1200  dj soundwave on


Zaahir: Where do you wanna see hip hop 10 years from now?


Dj Soundwave: In 10 years I wanna see hip hop get a makeover,  cleaned up & get back to doing good & well balanced music. We need to preserve this culture. It has done a lot of good for us to just let these clowns ruin it. I'm not the cliche old guy that wants hip hop to go back to what it was, but I wanna see hip hop advance & have substance again.

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