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 Interview by VIP SOUNDLAB & Zaahir " The Planet X Ambazzador "





1.What was the first Hip Hop song you heard? Sugarhill's Gang "Rappers Delight"



2.Whats your go to machine for making beats?

Asrx Pro, I like to be different sometimes. Everybody used the mpc. I bought the Asrx.


3.How long have you been a D.J.?

Since I was 14 years old.


4.Whats your favorite musical instrument? I played the drums in high school cause i love the sound of the beat. So yeah drums, lol.


5.What is it like being part of the legendary Beatminerz crew ?and how did you link up?

We all grew up in the same neighborhood, Bushwick, Brooklyn. Battling, djaying at block parties, hiphop was taken very serious in Bushwick, that's why a lot of artists come outta that section. We lived it then like we live it now, hip hop. Being around the Beatminerz, most fun times of my life, touring, creating music, our own radio station, shit don't stop. You have to keep your creative game up being around all the producers. Walt make a hot beat, I'm running home hitting the drum machine cause u get inspired. No competition, we come from the era where every beat better be dope.


6.What was your first drum machine? Lmao, Sk 5 casio. My boy Mr. Ess showed how to loop beats on their. After that i never stopped producing.


7.What inspires you? Life in general. My two boys, it's like a reality show watching them grow up and i get to teach them what my parents didn't teach me. The Sun, Moon and Stars, something out there bigger than us and we here for one short trip. I try to cherish everyday. Why be miserable or ruin your life. Other things that inspire me, other people's creativity no matter what it is.


8.What projects are you working on now? I'm working on a lot of shit. I dj for 4 radio stations every week. Im finishing up the Dysfunkshunal Fam new album. I got a album coming out with General Steele of Smif and Wessun called . Bucktown USA in Bazarro World. I did all the tracks and the Bucktown crew goes in on all of them. I can't wait for both to drop. I'm also working with Beatminerz on a Napoleon Da Legend album, some other artists i can't mention yet. Me and Dj Chin in Tampa working on a "Shit Don't Stop" album. I fly back and forth from NY to Tampa every month making the beats with Dj Chin and we also do parties down there with Dj Casper, Lesage and Dj Fader. Shit just been wonderful. I direct videos, I mean it's non-stop.


9.How can people stay up to date with what your doing? Just lock in on my Facebook page Shawn Bazarro. It's about music, you'll hate my page. Too much music, I don't care. 10.Where do you wanna see hip hop 10 years from now? 10 Years? damn. Just people respect it more. And radio stations in the limelight balance out the music. It's all types of music. Not just 5 records.


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