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           AC The Program Director


 Interview by VIP SOUNDLAB & Zaahir " The Planet X Ambazzador "





Title "California Love"


Zaahir: What was the first Hip Hop song you heard?


AC The Programmer: I can't remember ... Maybe The Message ... 


Maybe Scorpio ...


Zaahir: You are a man of many talents, let the people know your 




AC The Programmer: I am an ear and a heart ... with legs ... My 


ear for The Funk and my heart are my greatest attributes ...


Zaahir: How long have you made beats?


AC The Programmer: I been making beats since the 90s but have 


not tried to put anything out till recently ... without planning or 


thinking about it ... the beats just evolve ... 


Zaahir: Whats your favorite musical instrument?


AC The Programmer: The drums ...


Zaahir: Whats your favorite piece of musical gear for beat 




AC The Programmer: Samples. I hate equipment and the whole 


industry of equipment, muich like the automobile industry ...


Zaahir: What inspires you?


AC The Programmer: Brand New Funk ...


Zaahir: What is next on the menu for AC The Programmer?


AC The Programmer: HipHop Philosophy Records


Zaahir: How can artists get in contact with you?


AC The Programmer:


Zaahir: Do you have any up and coming projects?


AC The Programmer: Many different ones but I strongly 


recommend looking out for the Blue Buttonz and Jess The Facts 


album coming out this year. Blue Buttonz is one of my favorite 


new producers and he is from Africa ... I A&R'ed an album for him 


with my MC Jess The Facts and so far over 20 future classic songs 


have been made by them ... 


Zaahir: How can people stay up to date with what your doing?


AC The Programmer:


Zaahir: Where do you wanna see Hip Hop 10 years from now?


AC The Programmer: HipHop will always change for the better, 


getting better with time and age, or it ain't HipHop. HipHop will 


evolve as a fine art. Anything less is not HipHop. 10 years from 


now HipHop will harder to find than ever, but it will always be 


here changing the times, not with them, setting trends, never 


following them ... Staying fresh, ahead of 'the game' ...



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