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Contains 20 Kits & Expansions for MPC , Maschine , Ableton Live & any hardware or software device that can read 24 bit wav.


01. Vintage Machine Drum Library  [ NI Maschine 2.8 Version ]

02. Vintage Machine Drum Library [ WAV. Live Version ]

03. Vintage Machine Drum Library [ Akaipro 2.2 Version ]

04. Vintage Machine Drum Library Kick Drums [ WAV. 24 Bit ]

05. Vintage Machine Drum Library High Hats [ WAV. 24 Bit ]

06. Vintage Machine Drum Library Snares[ WAV. 24 Bit ]

07. Vintage Machine Drum Library Percussion [ WAV. 24 Bit ]

08. Vintage Machine Drum Library Cymbal & Crash [ WAV. 24 Bit ]

09. Vintage Machine Drum Library Toms [ WAV. 24 Bit ]

10. Vintage Machine Drum Library Ride & Rim [ WAV. 24 Bit ]

11. Vintage Machine Drum Library Claps [ WAV. 24 Bit ]

12. Vintage Machine MASCHINE KITS ( 20 ) [ WAV. 24 Bit ]

13. Vintage Machine AKAIPRO MPC KITS ( 20 ) [ WAV. 24 Bit ]


Time for some 44 khz Studio quality professionally mixed 24 BIT Vintage Drum technology in your beat making workflow ! Load up on custom tweaked sounds emulating the best REAL Hardware analog Drum Maschines ever made, such as the E-MU SP-12, Boss DR-550, Hammond Rhythm, Airbase, Jomox Xbase-09, Microkorg, Korg Prophecy, Nord 2 Modular, Polyvox , Linn 9000, Novation Drum station, Roland MC-303 Groovebox, Simmons SDS-5, Yamaha RY-30 and much more! In This Vintage drum sample Library we used special Digital and Hardware processes to bring the analog HARD HITTING PUNCHY drums samples and the warmth of the sickest analog drum machines in history. This is what dreams are made of in a mammoth one-shot collection of pristine drum samples that will allow you to program your own drum beats while emulating timeless technology. 

All sounds are neatly arranged in separate folders that contain high-quality drum samples to choose from, including one-shot Kick Drums,cowbells, crashes, cymbals, rim shots, open and closed hi-hats, crash samples, rides, toms, one-shot Snares,808's,909's,shakers,tamborines,and percussion sounds allowing you to get that REAL Vintage BIG sound alot of software programs try to emulate.


We also added some extras such as a nice Vintage sample collection for the sample heads out there. Maschine users get ready for some Vintage Maschine kits color coded and ready to bang out the box! Kontakt users we even added a Nice Vintage Kontakt

kit as well. Compatible with any Hardware or Software sampler !


Genre: Beat Battle, Drum Beat,Trap, Old School, Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap, G-Funk, R&B,

 Soul, Nu-Jazz, Blues, Club, Pop.

Pre-Tagged and Filtered for NI Maschine 2.7.8

Pre-Tagged and Filtered for AkaiPro MPC 2.2

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