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The VIP SOUNDLAB's Team of Producers is proud to present another Amazing Sound Package. The Trap Beast HD Drums Wav & Kontakt. Inspired by artists such as Future, Drake, Young Thug, Big Sean, Fetty Wap and many more, this pack includes a huge variety of styles, giving you everything you need to boost your production quality right up to today's industry standards and beyond. Enjoy the " Glide " Feature for 808's along with MONO and LEGATO at your finger tips along with EQ, Comp,

and ADSR controls !


Features include professionally mixed and mastered 808's, Bass , Kicks , High Hats , Snares , Instruments & percussion. This Expansion also includes the Infamous Note repeat feature that is essential in trap music today from "1/128" , "1/64", "1/32" ,"1/16 T", "3/64", "1/16", "1/8 T", "3/32", "1/8", "1/4 T", "3/16", "1/4", "1/2 T", "3/8", "1/2", "3/4", "4/4" &"Bar" Other features include note duration & Swing !























All sounds have been processed and edited using professional outboard gear to ensure authentic analogue warmth.Dont Have Kontakt ? No problem just drag the WAV files into your favorite DAW as this Package contains studio quality WAV samples that can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice like FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, Native Instruments MASCHINE, Akai MPC X , MPC Live, MPC Touch, MPC500 to MPC 5000 just to name a few. Get ready for one superior collection of sounds in professional studio package.

































System Requirements For Kontakt Use

The Trap Beast Kontakt Version runs in Kontakt version 5.6 or higher
On Mac - Mac OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8 or higher is recommended
On PC - Windows 7 or higher
With at least 1 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) with 2 GB of free drive space
Access to a stable internet connection for instant digital delivery
Note * All New Native Instruments software requires a minimum of OS X 10.8 or Windows 7.
IMPORTANT - If you own the full version of Kontakt get updates using the Native Instruments Service Center.

Note* You must have the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5.6 in order to avoid a demo timeout. The demo timeout is normal for the free version of kontakt free  player. 


 The VIP SOUNDLAB is a PAYPAL Verified Company.  Just Click any " Buy Now " to get instant access to Instant Digital Downloads in Seconds. Payments are processed via PayPal on a secure Encryped 256- Bit Server.  All Drum kits by us contain original sourced material created by us. From Drum samples to synth sounds - all sound sources and material we create is 100% Royalty free and are verified sound sources that are date and time stamped. 


All Drum kits by us contain original sourced material created by us. From Drum samples to synth sounds - all sound sources and material we create is 100% Royalty free and are verified sound sources that are date and time stamped. Our custom tweaked sounds are created from original drum synthesis , we also record samples in major studios,recording real drum sets, real acoustic drums,  hardware synths and drum synths ,stack and layering of our own custom synthesized drum samples to create original drum samples in the style of the best hardware analog Drum Maschines ever made, such as the E-MU SP-12, Boss DR-550, Hammond Rhythm, Airbase, Jomox Xbase-09 , Microkorg, Korg Prophecy,Polyvox , Linn 9000, Novation Drumstation, Roland MC-303 Groovebox, Simmons SDS-5, Yamaha RY-30 and much more !All sounds are neatly arranged in separate folders containe high-quality drum one shots to choose from, including one-shot Kick Drums,cowbells, crashes, cymbals, rim shots, open and closed hi-hats, crash samples, rides, toms, one-shot Snares,808's,909's,shakers,tamborines,and percussion sounds alot of software programs try to emulate. 


All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you as Royalty-Free so you can use them into your commercial compositions with no extra costs. All music, video, graphic & similar on the VIP SOUNDLAB are property of the VIP SOUNDLAB. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2014 by the VIP SOUNDLAB. All rights reserved.

Kit Features Include  43 Trap Beast Kits & Instruments in Wav. or Kontakt Format 












      Kit Features Include  43 Trap Beast Kits & Instruments


1. TRAP BEAST - 808 12 Inch Sub           11. TRAP BEAST - 808 18 Inch Sub      21. TRAP BEAST - Game Time Brass

2. TRAP BEAST - Ahh 808                        12. TRAP BEAST - Alien Brass              22. TRAP BEAST - Goon Drum Kit

3. TRAP BEAST - Alien Brass 4000 BC    13. TRAP BEAST - Beast Bell                23. TRAP BEAST - Hydro Drum Kit

4. TRAP BEAST - Beast Synth                  14.TRAP BEAST - Chef Drum Kit          24. TRAP BEAST - Hydroponic  808

5. TRAP BEAST - Big Beat Hit                  15. TRAP BEAST - Crack Synth             25.  TRAP BEAST - Jewel Bellz

6. TRAP BEAST - Big Bell                         16. TRAP BEAST - Crack Whistle          26.  TRAP BEAST - Jewel Brass

7. TRAP BEAST - Big Brass Strings         17. TRAP BEAST - Crunk Bell Synth     27.  TRAP BEAST - Layered Organ

8. TRAP BEAST - Big Sean 808                 18. TRAP BEAST - Fire Drum Kit           28.  TRAP BEAST - Loony Drum Kit

9. TRAP BEAST - Black Out Vibe Synth   19.  TRAP BEAST - Fleek Drum Kit       29. TRAP BEAST - MMG 808

10. TRAP BEAST - Blaze Drum Kit            20. TRAP BEAST - Game Over Brass    30. TRAP BEAST - Pac Mans Ghost


31. TRAP BEAST - Phantom Drum Kit                41.TRAP BEAST - Trap Pluck

32. TRAP BEAST - Roland Pluck                        42. TRAP BEAST - Trap Roll Kit

33. TRAP BEAST - Scrilla Drum Kit                    43. TRAP BEAST - Tubular Bells

34. TRAP BEAST - Sittin on 30's Drum Kit         44. NI Maschine 2.X Template

35. TRAP BEAST - Spooky Vibe Synth

36. TRAP BEAST - Swag Bell

37. TRAP BEAST - Synth Brass

38. TRAP BEAST - Terror Squad Hit

39. TRAP BEAST - Trap Beast Sub

40. TRAP BEAST - Trap Brass Short

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