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This product is available as an "Instant Download" which means that instantly after payment you will be able to download it in to your computer. Compatible with any software + hardware that can load 24 bit WAV or Acid format files such as MPC,Akai,Maschine,Ableton Live,Protools,Sonar,Reaper,Sony Acid, Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One, Image Line Fruity Loops FL Studio, Akai MPC, Roland Fantom, Korg M3 and more. 

System Requirements For Kontakt

Toronto Nights Kontakt Version runs in Kontakt version 5.6 or higher
On Mac - Mac OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8 or higher is recommended
On PC - Windows 7 or higher
With at least 1 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) with 2 GB of free drive space
Access to a stable internet connection for instant digital delivery
Note * All New Native Instruments software requires a minimum of OS X 10.8 or Windows 7.
IMPORTANT - If you own the full version of Kontakt get updates using the Native Instruments Service Center.

Note* You must have the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5.6 in order to avoid a demo timeout. The demo timeout is normal for the free version of kontakt free  player. 


 The VIP SOUNDLAB is a PAYPAL Verified Company.  Just Click any " Buy Now " to get instant access to Instant Digital Downloads in Seconds. Payments are processed via PayPal on a secure Encryped 256- Bit Server.  All Drum kits by us contain original sourced material created by us. From Drum samples to synth sounds - all sound sources and material we create is 100% Royalty free and are verified sound sources that are date and time stamped. 


All Drum kits by us contain original sourced material created by us. From Drum samples to synth sounds - all sound sources and material we create is 100% Royalty free and are verified sound sources that are date and time stamped. Our custom tweaked sounds are created from original drum synthesis , we also record samples in major studios,recording real drum sets, real acoustic drums,  hardware synths and drum synths ,stack and layering of our own custom synthesized drum samples to create original drum samples in the style of the best hardware analog Drum Maschines ever made, such as the E-MU SP-12, Boss DR-550, Hammond Rhythm, Airbase, Jomox Xbase-09 , Microkorg, Korg Prophecy,Polyvox , Linn 9000, Novation Drumstation, Roland MC-303 Groovebox, Simmons SDS-5, Yamaha RY-30 and much more !All sounds are neatly arranged in separate folders containe high-quality drum one shots to choose from, including one-shot Kick Drums,cowbells, crashes, cymbals, rim shots, open and closed hi-hats, crash samples, rides, toms, one-shot Snares,808's,909's,shakers,tamborines,and percussion sounds alot of software programs try to emulate. 


All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you as Royalty-Free so you can use them into your commercial compositions with no extra costs. All music, video, graphic & similar on the VIP SOUNDLAB are property of the VIP SOUNDLAB. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2014 by the VIP SOUNDLAB. All rights reserved.

We all know the aesthetic barriers Motown Records has overcome as well as done wonders for the industry, that thrives today. We feel that the Toronto sound will challenge, if not surpass, their legendary status in the foreseeable future. Drum loop kits are neat & labeled with tempo for production creation. The instrument sounds are sure to get you amped if you are Marvin to get Beg sounds with Top Left studio quality professionally mixed and mastered with pristine 24 bit radio ready status. If you are ready to Tun up and be Bout it then add this collection to your library today.


                                                                                                               Kit Features



1.   Cheesed Guitar Instrument 

2.   Marved EP Lead Instrument 

3.   Mosson Grand Piano  Instrument 

4.   Synth Stabs  Instrument  

5.   Top Left Strings Instrument  

6.   Turn Up Brass Instrument

7.   So Beg Bass Lead Instrument

8.   Bout it Harp Instrument

9.   Blem Organ Instrument

10. Amped Violin Instrument

11. Toronto Blaze Drum Kit - Toronto Nights Samples

12. Tun Up 808 Kit - Toronto Nights Samples

13. Top Left 808 Kit - Toronto Nights Samples

14. Mossin Drum Kit - Toronto Nights Samples

15. Marved Drum Kit - Toronto Nights Samples

16. Gheez Drum Kit - Toronto Nights Samples

17. Dirty Trap 808 Kit - Toronto Nights Samples

18. Bout it Drum Kit - Toronto Nights Samples

19. Beg DIstorted 808 Kit - Toronto Nights Samples

20. Amped Drum Kit - Toronto Nights Samples


Inspired by The acronym OVO (October’s Very Own) represents much more than the literal horoscopic meaning. Drake formed the clan alongside Co-founders Noah “40” Shebib and Oliver El-Khatib.


Originally the Toronto Sound was a characteristic R&B sound from the years 1959–69 which was a major progenitor of American Rock in the 1970s. Its components are the Fender Telecaster guitar, Fender Precision Bass, New Orleans-style drumming, a dominant Hammond organ, and soul singing. The Motown label created a team of musicians that appealed to a wide variety of audiences; but more importantly the music they created was colorblind. 


From heavy hitting 808 bass to to symphony & orchestral Instruments Toronto nights captures the vibe of Beg nights with the crew getting Amped. We bring you fully playable Instruments with the power of kontakt 5 with professionally mixed and mastered recording which results in musical sounds that we can relate to in any mood, with any group of people.

Meticulously Midi Mapped Instruments

Toronto Nights Audio DEMOToronto Nights


Click here for DEMO

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