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Zaahir:  What was your first hip hop song you heard?


Kaye Sermon:  Well I dont know if this is the first song I heard but i know its the first song that stuck with me and it was  "The Message"  by The Furious Five my uncle use to play it over and over again ... before that I had heard break beats records my brother had and I remember Blondie and Kurtis Blow . I went to see Wild Style in the theatre the cultue was evolving so quickly and I was just a young girl going to house parties, it was just amazing.


Zaahir:  What was it like watching your brother blossom into a legend?



Kaye Sermon:  As far as E being a legend I knew when the group was very popular but the legendary status I saw when doors started to open for me and people all over would see us out and run over to him young and old and show so much love and when he had the heart attack and Russel Simmons and Bret Ratner and all these famous people was calling my phone to check on him I was like wow although too me he was who I call my Michael Jackson he has so much love respect around the world. up and coming projects is def squad radio long time coming and e will release  beat tape for sale and putting my squad back where they belong on top and ushering through the new.


Zaahir: What projects are up and coming?


Kaye Sermon: Up and coming projects is Def Squad Radio long time coming and E will release beat tape for sale and putting my squad back where they belong on top and ushering through the new.


Zaahir: What is your favorite musical instrument?


Kaye Sermon: My favorite instrument is the piano it makes such a beautiful melody of sound.


Zaahir: What inspires you?


Kaye Sermon: My inspirations is my faith in God the belief in what I do will reap a great reward and my daughter she is the reason why I do what I do but I am so inspired by the game that the culture created most do not understand the term the game but think about how big video games and how people play them like fanatics and win and than wait for the next one to come out well thats the rap game for me because Hip Hop is not a game its a culture and a way of life. 


Zaahir: Where can people stay up to date with what your doing? 


Kaye Sermon: As far as keeping up with me now on defsquad radio always on Face Book Kaye Sermon on Instagram  Kaye Sermon and Twitter @kims17


Zaahir: Where do you wanna see hip hop in 10 years?


Kaye Sermon: In 10 years I hope to see Hip Hop in order. 


Zaahir: What would you like to say to inspiring artists and music producers?


Kaye Sermon: I will tell artists to know who you are and understand your brand and build on it, and the same for producers do not follow the trend Hip Hop is too broad there is an artist for the music you make.


Zaahir: Whats your favorite food?


Kaye Sermon: My favorite food is pasta real bad but also love love thai food no spicy foods.


Zaahir: Def Rugs is ground breaking,what was the inspiration?

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Kaye Sermon Interview by Zaahir " The Planet X Ambazzador "


June 14 , 2014

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Kaye Sermon:  Fox was my engineer when I was in a rap group with Roz... Redmans sister so we always kept in touch one day I called him to make me a rug cuz I know his family owned a carpet biz he came over with a custom made EPMD rug my brother took one look at it and said " This is what we need to sell " and the rest is history. Thanks for the love - Def Squad Queen.

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