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Litt Green Interview by Zaahir " The Planet X Ambazzador "


June 14 , 2014

Zaahir: What was the first hip hop song you heard?


Litt Green: Wow, I don't know exactly what the first song was but I do know that Me, Myself, and I by De La Soul was the first Hip Hop song that had an impact on me and helped me draw a connection to Hip Hop. The sample, loops, the style of Posdnuos and Trugoy, and content showed me it was no limits to the music.


Zaahir: What distinguishes you from other artists?


Litt Green: Maybe my thought process of writing to Hip Hop of music. I like to ride certain parts of the beats and arrange around it. More like a song writer of any other genre but definitely in a "rapping" form.


Zaahir: How did you come up with the name litt green?


Litt Green: It comes from a childhood nickname. I was the younger of two Jason's in my neighborHood. So I was Little Jason then it evolved to Little J, to Little, Litt. Just added my government name Green.



Zaahir: Whats your favorite musical instrument?


Litt Green: The Fender Rhodes. I love that sound when played right or wrong. Those keys dig into my soul.


Zaahir: What inspires you?


Litt Green: Life inspires me. Musically, music itself is my inspiration being that I'm a writer and don't play any instruments or make beats/instrumentals. If I feel the music I run with it and create. No crazy science to it.


Zaahir: What to you is the perfect beat?


Litt Green: Not sure what a perfect beat is but I love tracks that hit me from the first time I hear and when I listen to it days, months, or years later.


Zaahir: When did you record your first song?

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Litt Green: My first official song recording was like 96 or 97. I was apart of a group called E.C.S.(East Coast Strangers). The song was called Brutal Visions. Shout out to Tahlid, S.O., and O the other members of our group.


Zaahir: Where do you wanna see hip hop 10 years from now?


Litt Green: I'm not sure where it is now other than those doing it we'll independently and on the Internet. I would like to see it less "programmed" giving the average radio listener more of a variety and more options. doing it well...not we'll


Zaahir: How can people stay up to date with what your doing?


Litt Green: Google search Litt Green. I'm on your standard links like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, ITunes, Facebook, and YouTube @ Litt Green. Instagram me @a_litt_life.


Contact me at or for collab and other inquiries.


Zaahir: What is next on the menu for Litt Green?


Litt Green: Collaborations with other artist. Art, modeling, and some business ventures. But definitely I would like people to check for my upcoming project entitled WOUNDED HEALER, dropping this year. The first single Box Cutter can be heard and seen on YouTube.

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