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        The VIP SOUNDLAB & The Break Beast is back with a new library for the MPC / WAV & Maschine RADIO READY OUT THE BOX these drum sounds are crisp, loud and will have your monitors BUMPIN ! We know head room is important in a producers mix so we left plenty of headroom so you can mix these awesome sounds in your favorite DAW. Each folder is NEATLY LABELED and ORGANIZED.



All kits load up quick and fast for a work flow to bang out too. We kept a producers workflow at ease so you can concentrate on your work without having to worry about loading sounds so we added 27 Custom Maschine / WAV / MPC Drum Kits.


The Drums are the foundation of every track , and will get your music noticed ,that is why we made this special Formula of  LOUD and Professional Sounds. Get Your Copy Today for your Maschine and you will be glad you did.  We also provide 24/7 Customer Support for MPC / WAV / NI Maschine Inquires and Trouble Shooting.




                                                         SAMURAI DRUMS HD LIBRARY  



  • 01. Samurai Drums HD [ 24 Bit wav. ]

    02. Samurai Drums Akai MPC Kits [ xpj. / wav.]

    03. Samurai Drums NI Maschine Kits [ mgrp. / wav.]

    04. Samurai Boom Bap Vinyl Crate Drums [ wav. 24 Bit ]

    05. Documents

    06. Samurai Vinyl Drum Breaks

    07. AkaiPro XPN.

  • 08. WAV. Files Include :  Kicks,Snares ,Open & Closed High Hats,Cymbals,Crashes & Drum Breaks


Genre: Beat Battle, Drum Beat,Trap, Old School, Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap, G-Funk, R&B,

 Soul, Nu-Jazz, Blues, Club, Pop.


Package Size:  625,836,596 bytes (657.8 MB on disk) for 769 items

Contains 27 Drum & Break Drum Expansions for any hardware or software device that can read 24 bit wav. Formatted for AkaiPro MPC / NI Maschine / WAV.



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