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      I.  Ginsu AkaiPro MPC Chords & Keys Kits (C# , Gmin , G# , Ab )  [ xpj. 24 Bit WAV. ]

     II.  Ginsu AkaiPro MPC Vinyl Kits [ xpj. 24 Bit WAV. ]

     III. Ginsu Live Instrument Soul Chops [ 24 Bit WAV. ]

     VI. Ginsu NI Maschine Chords & Keys Kits (C# , Gmin , G# , Ab ) . [ Mgrp. 24 Bit WAV. ]

      V. Ginsu NI Maschine Vinyl Drums Only Kits [ Mgrp. 24 Bit WAV. ]

     VI. Ginsu Vinyl Drums Only [ 24 Bit WAV. ]




  1. Rhodes & Keys (G# , Ab )

  2. Quiet Storm Kit (C# , Gmin  ) Triads

  3. G# Chord Progression Keys (G#)

  4. Funky Stein Key Kit

  5. Chord Chop Kit .  (C# , Gmin  )

  6. Big Keys Chop Kit . (C# , Gmin , )

  7. After Hours Rhodes Kit . (G# , Ab )

  8. Mellow Rhodes and Keys Kit  (C# , Gmin , G# , Ab )

  9. Ambient FX Keys Kit (Gmin )

  10. Funky Chords and Keys Kit (Gmin b )

  11. Fontaine Muzick Big Drums Kit (C# , Gmin , G# , Ab )

  12. Chord Construct Kit  (C# , Gmin , G# , Ab )

  13. Big Chords Simple Kit (C# , Gmin , G# , Ab )

  14. Rhodes and Keys Kit . (C# , Gmin , G# , Ab )




  1. Crate Funk KIt  

  2. Cold Slices Kit  

  3. Cold Kit

  4. Funky Kit

  5. Cheeba Kit

  6. Turtle Kit

  7. Nile Kit

  8. Snap Ya Neck Kit

  9. Fifty Ways  Kit

  10. Back Yard Kit

  11. Spank Kit

  12. Pop Corn Kit

  13. Spider Kit

  14. Buffalo Kit

  15. Balanco Kit .                         

  16. Ginsu Kit                             

  17. Ginsu Master Donkey Kit  

  18. Smooth Kit

  19. Change Kit

  20. Toms & Highs Kit

  21. Park Hill Kit

  22. Empire Kit

  23. Donkey Kit



Package Size:  1.17 GB on disk for 779 items  + 37 kits & Expansions



Compatible with any Hardware or Software sampler than can read 24 bit wav.

Ginsu Master HD Example Track Created with Chords & Keys from this Expansion [ Also Includes Hard Hitting Drums & Vinyl Drums.GINSU MASTER HD

Disclaimer:  OK as you know with vinyl and interpolation samples / remakes you have get those cleared. Everything else in this kit is royalty free. Some elements of this kit is not royalty free, you should and will have to get sample clearance to use commercially. You are purchasing the crate digging service of the Break Beast ( Independent 3rd Party source ) service for your convenience.The VIP SOUNDLAB LLC , or any of its affiliates will NOT be responsible or are liable for any sample clearence or copyright law issues should they arise. For more Information on how to get samples cleared click here for a video and click here for information on how to get samples cleared the proper way or please visit



All Drum kits by us contain original sourced material created by us. From Drum samples to synth sounds - all sound sources and material we create is 100% Royalty free and are verified sound sources that are date and time stamped. Our custom tweaked sounds are created from original drum synthesis , we also record samples in major studios,recording real drum sets, real acoustic drums,  hardware synths and drum synths ,stack and layering of our own custom synthesized drum samples to create original drum samples in the style of the best hardware analog Drum Maschines ever made, such as the E-MU SP-12, Boss DR-550, Hammond Rhythm, Airbase, Jomox Xbase-09 , Microkorg, Korg Prophecy,Polyvox , Linn 9000, Novation Drumstation, Roland MC-303 Groovebox, Simmons SDS-5, Yamaha RY-30 and much more !All sounds are neatly arranged in separate folders containe high-quality drum one shots to choose from, including one-shot Kick Drums,cowbells, crashes, cymbals, rim shots, open and closed hi-hats, crash samples, rides, toms, one-shot Snares,808's,909's,shakers,tamborines,and percussion sounds alot of software programs try to emulate. All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you as Royalty-Free so you can use them into your commercial compositions with no extra costs. All music, video, graphic & similar on the VIP SOUNDLAB are property of the VIP SOUNDLAB. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2014 by the VIP SOUNDLAB. All rights reserved.



    Also includes professional digital and analogue drum library's with radio ready content out -the -box ! Armed with an arsenal of Expansion Kit Features Chord Progressions ,Hard Hitting Drums, Rhodes Chords , Soul Chops from Live instruments Orchestral Strings and more. Also formatted for aka MPC & NI Maschine.

      The VIP SOUNDLAB'S Team of producers are proud to present our newest expansion library for any Hardware or software sampler that can read 24 bit wav. Chord progressions are the foundation of harmonies thus we had to bring a nice succession of chords packed with majpr Instruments ,Melodics  and hard hitting vinyl drums - combining the best of worlds ! 


All fresh brand new sounds and loops. Recorded using some the best hardware and software devices in the business.  WORK FLOWS ARE A SNAP with pre-set and filtered kits and sessions for Maschine 2 & MPC 2.4 .  Drum Samples are CLEAN and super crisp professionally mixed




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