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                        Drum Ignition is hands down the illest drums on the market !



Ok so what is Drum Ignition and How is it Different ??


Drum Ignition is a pains taking process of 95 hours of recording the best drum samples in FULL Dolby Atmos 3D HD. The result is Hard hitting and heavy layered drums that need little to no tweaking. Its a bold statement to say these are the illest drums but in our opinion they are as the sounds are incredible to say the least recorded at -3 Db professionally mixed and mastered with a new evolution in cine-sonics to give the power you need to lay down the foundation for your tracksThe sounds are recorded using a process of a cinema sound format for 3-D HD BIG and THICK Audio !!




































We fell in love with the format Dolby Atmos - as it achieves immersive innovation by combining additional sound channels with object based steering. Engineers can place an audio object anywhere spatially, with a precision impossible in conventional 5.1 mixes. The result is a more natural and immersive sound field; the days of crude overhead pans are audio history - so we said hey has anyone tried this format to drum samples ? BOOM Drum Ignition was born ! If you are serious about your drums and making your productions stand out from the rest then you need these HD Studio Quality samples. of this quality - and you can hear the difference in their tracks.




















Whats inside the Kit / Expansion ? WAV & AIFF


01. Drum Ignition Track Igniterz HD Kicks ( Dolby Atmos 3D HD

02. Drum Ignition Heavy Fuelz HD High Hats ( Dolby Atmos 3D HD )

03. Drum Ignition Drip Torch HD Snares ( Dolby Atmos 3D HD )

04. Drum Ignition ERC HD Percussion ( Dolby Atmos 3D HD )

05. Drum Ignition Crown Fire HD Cymbals & Crash ( Dolby Atmos 3D HD )

06. Drum Ignition Flaming Front HD 808's & Bass

07. Maschine 2.X Art work ( Dolby Atmos 3D HD )

08. _MACOSX Version 

09. AkaiPro MPC 1.9 Version

10. NI Maschine 2.4.6 Version

Compatible with any Hardware or Software sampler that can read 24 bit WAV & AIFF format ! This product is available as an "Instant Download" which means that instantly after payment you will be able to download it in to your computer. Compatible with any software + hardware that can load 24 bit WAV or Acid format files such as MPC,Akai,Maschine,Ableton Live,Protools,Sonar,Reaper,Sony Acid, Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One, Image Line Fruity Loops FL Studio, Akai MPC, Roland Fantom, Korg M3 and more. 

 The VIP SOUNDLAB is a PAYPAL Verified Company.  Just Click any " Buy Now " to get instant access to Instant Digital Downloads in Seconds. Payments are processed via PayPal on a secure Encryped 256- Bit Server.  All Drum kits by us contain original sourced material created by us. From Drum samples to synth sounds - all sound sources and material we create is 100% Royalty free and are verified sound sources that are date and time stamped. Disclaimer: The Drum Break loops are not royalty free, you should and will have to get sample clearance to use commercially.This part of the kit is a FREE crate digging service of VIP producer Pharoah( Independent 3rd Party source ) service for your convenience.The VIP SOUNDLAB LLC , or any of its affiliates will NOT be responsible or are liable for any sample clearence or copyright law issues should they arise. For more Information on how to get samples cleared click here for a video and click here for information on how to get samples cleared the proper way or please visit


All Drum kits by us contain original sourced material created by us. From Drum samples to synth sounds - all sound sources and material we create is 100% Royalty free and are verified sound sources that are date and time stamped. Our custom tweaked sounds are created from original drum synthesis , we also record samples in major studios,recording real drum sets, real acoustic drums,  hardware synths and drum synths ,stack and layering of our own custom synthesized drum samples to create original drum samples in the style of the best hardware analog Drum Maschines ever made, such as the E-MU SP-12, Boss DR-550, Hammond Rhythm, Airbase, Jomox Xbase-09 , Microkorg, Korg Prophecy,Polyvox , Linn 9000, Novation Drumstation, Roland MC-303 Groovebox, Simmons SDS-5, Yamaha RY-30 and much more !All sounds are neatly arranged in separate folders containe high-quality drum one shots to choose from, including one-shot Kick Drums,cowbells, crashes, cymbals, rim shots, open and closed hi-hats, crash samples, rides, toms, one-shot Snares,808's,909's,shakers,tamborines,and percussion sounds alot of software programs try to emulate. 


All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you as Royalty-Free so you can use them into your commercial compositions with no extra costs. All music, video, graphic & similar on the VIP SOUNDLAB are property of the VIP SOUNDLAB. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2014 by the VIP SOUNDLAB. All rights reserved.

drum samples in FULL Dolby Atmos 3D HD Perfect for the club scene and those who want to have a unique listening experience.

                                                               How to Add and Load The Expansion Correctly



Step 1. Add the " Drum Ignition HD Library " Folder to where ever you store Your Maschine Kits.


Step 2. In Maschine go to File - Preferences - Library - User - Add -- >( Drum Ignition HD Library ) 


Step 3. Press Rescan ( Library will be added )


Step 4. On your Maschine Browser Click on the " Groups " or " Project " Icon and the Kits will appear neat and orderly. 

             ( You can also load the kits from the Maschine Hardware Controller by clicking on " Browse " )


Step 5. Choose Any Kit you wish to Load.


                             For MPC Users Load the .xpn Installer ( artwork provided ) or use the .xpj file provided

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