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     The VIP SOUNDLAB's Team of producers are back with another volume of sound design ! Introducing MAJOR JUICE Volume 4 ! What is it ? it is powerful and intuitive synth and drum sounds for hardware and software samplers. Welcome to innovative synthesizer voices & virtual analog 4-part multi-timbral synthesis. Major Juice is a professionally recorded and mixed combination of musical INSTRUMENTS STEMS & DRUM SAMPLES. Includes Bass, Chords ,Triads, Major and Minor chords , Progression Melodics , Stabs from various instruments , Pad Atmospheres , Orchestral strings ,Synths, Brass, Piano , MPC/MASCHINE Chops and more that take you from a novice to a PROFESSIONAL HITMAKER ! These stems and sounds were recorded individually in a professional studio with the best hardware synth , hardware devices and mics in the business. Go pro with varying combinations, for track creativity for your particular performances.


it gets even better as all of the 808's are Key labeled for ease of use in your productions. Keys include Ab, B, Cm, Gm, G, Dm, A, F, B0, E ,Eb, Fm, D, C-2, C#1, Am, Gbm, E and more. It also includes Kick drums , High Hats, Snares, Cymbals , Clap, 808's ,long tail 808's and short tail 808's all key labeled. MAC & PC Compatible in pristine WAV 24 bit 


                                                                                             THIS COLLECTION WILL INSTANTLY FATTEN UP YOUR MIX !

                                                                                                    EXPANSION FEATURES

MAJOR JUICE Volume 4.jpg



Major Juice Vol. 3 808's

Major Juice Vol. 3 Brass Major Progressions

Major Juice Vol. 3 Claps

Major Juice Vol. 3 Cymbals

Major Juice Vol. 3 High Hat

Major Juice Vol. 3 Kick Drums

Major Juice Vol. 3 Snare

Major Juice Vol. 3 Synth Bass 

Major Juice Vol. 3 Synth Pad

Major Juice Vol. 3 Synth Piano

Major Juice Vol. 3 Synth Triad Minor Progressions

Major Juice Vol. 3 Synth Major Progressions

Major Juice Vol. 3 MPC / MASCHINE Synth Bell Chops

Major Juice Vol. 3 MPC / MASCHINE Synth String Chops

Major Juice Vol. 3 MPC / MASCHINE Piano Chops

Major Juice Vol. 3 MPC / MASCHINE Bell Chops

Major Juice Vol. 3 Brass Stabs

Major Juice Vol. 3 Organ Minor Progressions

Wav files are Compatible with any Hardware or Software sampler that can read 24 bit WAV & AIFF format due to the fact it has wav. files however formatted for kontakt 5.6 for easy use. This product is available as an "Instant Download" which means that instantly after payment you will be able to download it in to your computer. Compatible with any software + hardware that can load 24 bit WAV or Acid format files such as MPC,Akai,Maschine,Ableton Live,Protools,Sonar,Reaper,Sony Acid, Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One, Image Line Fruity Loops FL Studio, Akai MPC, Roland Fantom, Korg M3 and more. 

Major Juice Synths & Drums 4 [ WAV. 574 MB 321 Items ]
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